REEPOST has specialized in everything that is connected with video art and all its variations.

Because some say : “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, for nearly 10 years REEPOST and its team have been tending to prove the opposite. As a post-production society we keep on creating and inventing.

Step by step, post-production improves, conceals,darkens or lightens films,commercials,music videos…Our expertise can be divided into 4 distinct but complementary fields.


The art of editing, enhancing and special effect…

Flame is the finishing touch, the last video editing.In order to get a perfect rendering flaws are erased,empty spaces filled, elements incorporated. Our Flame specialists play a major role, they are the last links in the chain and thus ensure a perfect work.


The art of creating,inventing, giving life…

Starting from scratch we are able to do everything. Our 3D pole is in a position to meet the most unreasonable demands thanks to our creativity.Imagining, modelling,animating or giving life to objects, places or people is our expertise and above all our passion.


The art of arranging images and sounds…

A film can be sublimated thanks to a few details which are precisely the preoccupation of our film editors. A film takes shape when rythm is given and a perfect harmony between sound and image created.


The art of creating an atmosphere…

Color grading gives a film a special atmosphere.Our colour correction specialists play on the various shades and contrasts. They simply ensure the visual harmony of the films they work on is achieved.